I have to write about this; I know that you all have heard about the Saint Petersburg rapper who helped many people put gas in their cars, this was because gas was so high. Rod wave was a rapper who many thought that the reason he was doing this good deed, was to get media attention and possible get his career off the ground. Although, many were curious, Many still went to the gas station to get their gas. Now that we know his good deed, its today that we find that the rapper has been booked for battery by strangulation, according to booking records from the Pinellas County Jail.

I got to admit, This all took me by surprise. This would be the last thing that I would be expecting to hear about who real name is Rodarius Marcell Green. You already know when you out do the Governor, President, and Black, that you will indeed become a target and people are going to look you up. Green was arrested during a traffic stop in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Sunday night, according to his arrest affidavit (May 1). His driver’s license photo allowed him to be identified while traveling in the passenger seat of his 2021 Grey Dodge Durango.