Many are outraged about the prices at the grocery stores. They can’t seem to understand why no one is doing anything about the inflation crisis in the US. Shoppers expressed their concern after going to their local Walmart as they noticed that prices for meats have gone tremendously high. Right now many Americans are depending on President Biden to make some changes. No one feels that he is doing enough in his presidency, that ensures that he has the US is in his best interest. In addition, they believe that this could be detrimental to his next run. Many Americans that were on board with President Biden’s run for presidency now feel totally different. Many say that if they had to vote again, that it would definitely be a different candidate. Strangely, President Biden feels that he is doing just enough. In an interview at The Breakfast Club, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigige, was told by radio host “Charlamagne Tha God”, that people felt that the democrats were not doing enough for the American people. Buttigige’s response was clear that he felt different.

There is some concern about social security when we talk about inflation in America. Many Americans who are on Social Security cannot afford to buy food. Now that the prices have risen so high in grocery stores, it is impossible for people to get the quality foods that they want without breaking the bank. Many ask this question, what’s the purpose of getting food stamps, when you are raising the prices for food? In Addition they added, The purpose of getting food stamps is to help those who cannot afford the high cost of food. Instead it seems like now the food is going up so therefore you’re really giving us nothing but pennies and nickels. I am sure that President Biden knows exactly what’s going on. Many understand that right now Ukraine is going through a war, and they feel that President Biden’s move to help Ukraine is great. Although this is the case, many feel that Biden has truly forgotten about the American people and is spending money that we just don’t have.

It’s no secret that a lot of individuals on Social Security feel like they’re just a number. If you remember, when we all went through covid and jobs were shut down, those who were on Social Security where the last to receive their funds in stimulus money. This was very upsetting to a lot of Americans, because most Americans were the ones who have fought for this country and where those who cannot take care of themselves. President Biden even went further to give certain groups of individuals money so they can afford to take care of their families, but the downside of this was that many on Social Security were not included. The outrage of those on Social Security became apparent. Checks did not start rolling out until many got on social media to express how they felt about the whole situation. This is not the only thing that has many people in America worried. Many want Biden out because they feel like he just doesn’t put his foot down and he doesn’t stand for the right things. The policies that President Biden has made over the years it’s ridiculous.

Right now America is in its own war. People are struggling everyday to figure out what they’re going to eat, where they’re going to live, due to the high increases of rent. There is also a huge issue when it comes to the gas right now. If people cannot afford to eat, how does Biden expect for Americans to actually put gas in their cars? Everything seems to be out of control, and the Republicans seem like they know exactly what they need to do to fix the situation. One of the reasons why the Republicans really are not favorable to most American people, is because of some of the policies that they stand for. What America needs right now is some way to get all of this under control. At this point, America just wants a President who knows exactly what he’s doing. America wants a President who understands the crisis that the Americans are going through on a daily basis. Americans want someone who understands how hard it is to put food on the table, and clothes on their backs. Americans want the President to understand how hard it is on the American people just to put gas in the cars on a daily basis to get to work. If none of this is fixed there will be a huge problem, President Biden may have to live with the disappointment of knowing that he failed with helping the American people live everyday protected lives.

When President Biden ran for office, he vowed to make sure that he had a woman of color as his running mate. Most people felt that President Biden’s vote was very biased. Many suggested that the Former Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Should have been his pick for vice president. They felt that Biden’s moves to elect Vice President Kamala Harris, was highly motivated by his son. It’s clear that a lot of people have a lot of concerns about whether President Joe Biden will end his presidential career. Many believe that although there are so many red flags, President Biden still has a good chance to win another 4 years as President of the United States.