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I went to Southside Walmart yesterday morning and received the worst customer service ever. The white lady at the service counter tried to make a fool and belittle me in front of the other customers waiting in line. Not sure why because I was very direct as to what I was there for, I said I needed 2 tires and told her the size and brand, She told me that the only brand they have was on her screen and even though, they on the web she said Walmart only works with Goodyear now. So i picked a brand and told her I want one on the drivers front and the other on passengers back, but to rotated it to the front. Then all hell breaks lose cause she starts saying there’s 4 wheels on a car type stuff and u might fish tale your car and hit a tree, light pole, flag pole, person, stop sign, another care etc. I’m like D%m .Then I said well put them both on the front of my car. Then hell breaks lose again as she stated its a four wheel drive put them on the back. With not even looking at my other worn down tires. Now she’s telling me were to put them. Forget her she not driving me anywhere or offering nothing who the hell is this chick.