Last night after a competitive boxing match between Shakur Stevenson and Valdez. A Brawl broke out while Shakur the winner was being interviewed. As you can see from the photo Shakur left his seat, not to go get a drink but to be apart of the scuffle. In my opinion, this guy still has some growing to do. You don’t leave the highlight of your career for some BS outside. That’s what you got security for. That’s what you pay security for. If you notice on the video his promoter and manager kept they asses on that stage. They know and they waited to see if he knew. But he didn’t as you can see. My thing is if he your cash cow you should have said where the hell u going. Sit right there not let him go near the 🔥. I understand Bob the promoter not budging but his Black main man manager didn’t see him put down them gold belts and run to the Brawl. Really… And I said black main man cause he is the one who Shakur trust to look after him, when things are out of balance in his world. And that time was last night.