I just got finished watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. I can’t understand why Drew can’t see that her husband Ralph can’t be trusted. I think that Ralph is a cheater point blank. It seems since Drew has been on the show, all we can say for sure is that Drew and her husband are not meant to be. I would not want to be with a man who is always showing me, that he is willing to throw the relationship away at any time. Plus, he just seems to always be in some sketchy situations. Idk…. I am just feeling some type of way… Let’s be clear, he is fine! But I think he knows that and clearly he is using it to his advantage to possibly fuck someone else. 🤔

Now Drew had plastic surgery and says it because she feels that she need a snap back. We all know that this has something to do with her husband. She claimed that she had endometriosis, which I can believe cause many women today goes through it. While getting her surgery she decided to do her breast etc. many people believe that she did it because, she had low self esteem and wanted to feel like a woman again. We all know that her husband Ralph is a low key cheater. The more fan this man gets the worst he will be in the public.