There’s been some talk about a fight happening between Jaron Ennis and Keith Thurman of Clearwater. Both fighters are in the same division and with Errol Spence and Terrence Crawford planning to face each other sometime this year. That leaves only those two to go at it in that division. This fight could actually happen and even though Keith may not want it, it just might be something do-able for him. I think this fight for Keith goes the full 12 rounds with Keith coming out by decision. Lets be clear, only because he’s a veteran and he knows how to win. Sometime it’s that veteran that knows all the tools and all the tricks in a boxing match to come out on top. I don’t think Jaron quite has those little small precise tools to actually go all the way. Because he’s so busy knocking people out and trying to do it in a good fashion. Another thing, I think that Keith Thurman hits hard and I don’t think Jaron has felt that yet. So I’m saying Keith Thurman win by decision.