The new way of finding your keys around the house can be used to track you. A mom and daughter at a Disney Park were being notified by their phone that they were being tracked. The Apple Air tag created to locate keys,purses, wallets, cats and dogs was used on a family at the theme park as,they walked outside the theme park to their car. Once they realize they were being tracked. The mother and daughter jumped out the car and began to search and check and make sure the tag was not on them anywhere. They left the area and notified the police. My thoughts…… Sometimes things meant for good will somehow be used for bad. It’s just the new 🌎 that we live in. An Airtag can be placed on u at a party and the person can follow your ass home to try and kill u rape you or rob you. It’s just like you see in the movies when they plant bugs on people and they follow them. But again someone has to speak up before they decide on putting it on the market and say no we don’t want it. I’m good. No thanks.

To Be Continued.