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Kevin Blatt on Tasha K live, said that Porsha Williams has a sex tape. I am just blown away….Chile the man said that Porsha Williams has skills!! He also said that Porsha could have save her Ex husband of rumors of being gay, If they would have released the damn sex tape. Now we all can agree that we believe that Porsha is a damn HOE! I would not doubt that she gave that African man some good ass head to make him pay up all that money he got. She done took Falynn Guobadia man, gave him some good head, and now a princess! You Go Girl!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When I heard that interview on Tasha K live, I almost choked of my damn soda.

Now, what makes Kevin Blatt feel like he can be out here in these streetz sharing all the sex gossip online about people. I mean we got to be better than that! Now Tasha better be careful, she already knows that she got sued once. I think Tasha doing the right thing by letting other people talk about the bullshit. I mean with Porsha I am not surprised. That bitch probably been on every dick that gave her ass some attention. Before I get off this shit talking trash today, let me say that I cannot understand how Porsha pick these men! Apparently she she is looking for a daddy…🤣🤣🤣

Kevin Blatt all I got to say honey is that I’m just sitting back waiting on the law suits or drama.. 🤣😅