Hello I’m not a lawyer but I’ve run across certain legal to do’s in my time. Like one time when the police towed my car from my backyard because some car thieves tried to steal my car. The police said they didn’t want them to come back and steal it. I got that part but I had to use my hard earned money to get it out of the towing place. And I found out that was something they not supposed to do, cause it was on my property not on a public street. I later found out that if I would have called the major action center for the City of St. Pete. they would have taken care of it. But you live and u learn. So

1. Call the city and explain to them your case and if they sound like they can’t help tell them your going legal.

2. Ask a lawyer on the web.

3. Call your insurance and see if they will go after the ones at fault to get back what they pay out to you for the damages.

4. Go to court house and file a civil case against the parties or group involved and include that you would like your court fees to be included in your case filings if you win.

5 Good luck