Dumb DeSantis is at it again. He has vowed to make Florida an open carry state. Which means you will see more violence and lawlessness like never seen before. Imagine people walking the streets with AR-15’s in broad daylight and no one concerned about them. Better Yet! going to Walmart and seeing people with guns on the hip who are not cops. How would you be able to tell the difference between the ones who’s supposed to have them and the ones who are not supposed to have them. If it’s hard to know who has a weed card and who doesn’t, how will we be able to tell if he or she is allowed to have a gun. But Dumb Dumb is planning on doing this final act before he leaves office. So do you think when Mom and Dad come home from a busy day at work ,take off their 👛 and wallets and shoes, they’re going to remember to hide the gun from lil Johnny. Hell no. It’s human error that means you have to be perfect every single time you come home from work to do such a thing. And we all know we are not computers.