According to a source, a Miami mom strangled her two children with a red ribbon this week and told startled cops, “I don’t want them anymore.” Officers went to Odette Joaossaint’s home for a welfare check Tuesday night after she called 911 and hung up many times, according to the Miami Herald. According to the outlet, she informed arriving doctors and cops about the dead toddlers, “Come get them.” “I’m not interested in them. Inside the house, first responders discovered two youngsters who were tied up and lifeless and attempted desperately to resuscitate them.

Joaossaint admitted to tying up the children, ages 5 and 3, before strangling them with a red ribbon, according to an arrest report. She eventually admitted to detectives that she was having financial and mental problems, and that the children in her care were suffering. Laural Belval, 5 years old, and Jeffrey Belval, 3 years old, were both pronounced dead at the scene. Michael Vega, a spokesperson for the Miami Police Department, said the horrible murder had left senior policemen rattled. Two counts of first-degree murder have been filed against Joaossaint. A neighbor told ABC 7 that the unstable mother pleaded with her to adopt the orphaned children, claiming she couldn’t care for them. Their bewildered father arrived on Wednesday, but refused to speak with reporters.