We all know who the hell Errol Spence was talking about on twitter. We know that Keith also has had a bad run in fighting for quite sometime. Now, we have Shawn Porter big ass teeth self, talking about Keith being the greatest fighter, I was like WTF! was his big ass mouth watching what happened to him when he fought Pacquiao? But anyway, Errol was throwing shade on twitter saying that he did not want to fight Keith. Errol felt that when he was trying to fight, Keith Thurman seemed like he was too good to do it. So now Errol Spence is just like Fuck You! Errol is not on board to fight his ass because we all know that Keith Thurman has a hard time selling fights and he really lost a lot of credit after losing to Pacquiao. I know that many are feeling sorry for him and all, but lets face it, Errol is way better than Keith. The only thing I have a problem with when it comes to Errol is that he brags too much and he think his shit don’t stink. He just needs someone to kick his ass really good to bring him alittle more humility.