Forum Guidelines

To make sure using this forum is a great experience for everyone, please follow these tips:

Be respectful

Everyone has a right to their ideas and opinions. We are not any company that promotes Violence, Racism, or any type of crime outside or on the platform. .We will not tolerate any Child Pornography of any kind and you will be reported immediately:

Stay on topic

Try to keep posts relevant to the theme of the forum.

Check for Duplicate Content

Someone might have already created a post similar to yours, or answered your question.

Thanks for being a part of this community and sharing your voice.

Rules of Copyrights

If content used is not yours, be careful as it could lead to a strike and you can be removed from website.

Reporting A User

We understand that you are concerned about a user on this site. Please make sure to read the guidelines before reporting a user. 

Every person that uses this website, has a right to their opinion. In addition, users are fully responsible for their actions. If you are reporting a user, make sure that they are doing one or more of the following. 

1. Threating you on the platform.

2. Harassing you on chat or through forum activity.

3. Knowingly using content that does not belong to them.

4. Verbal abuse against you or another person.

5. Sharing personal information that belongs to you or another user. Note: (This excludes screen share videos, public pictures, or an opinion based on assumption):Users have a right to state their opinion or use allegedly in post. They also have a right to share an experience with a person, place, or organization although it may not be favorable. If a User promotes a lie, and do not use the information with sources, you can proceed with report.

6. Making threats to you, another user, or group.

7. Making racist claims against a person or group.

8. Using inappropriate images or video of underage persons or using pictures of you, or someone else for extortion.

9. Selling sex or any type of illegal content.

10. Speaking of  hurting oneself, you the user, someone else, or a group.

If any of these actions are listed, please feel free to report the user by using the button below.

Every user is responsible for their own actions. We hold the user accountable for  their own postings, opinions, and actions on and off the platform. You have a right to sue the persons that have wrong you in any way. We will do everything we can to assist with documents, screenshots, and messages to support your case.  When you report the user, make sure to also report in forum post. In addition, make sure to give us users profile name, and send us the link of the post.