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Okay I joined this forum so I could talk some shit! I really want to know if anyone knows what is going on with Ari? The last I heard homegirl could not afford to live in her place.

Homegirl aint got a pot to piss in.. my thing is she be on these streetz like she got money and what not. I just can’t deal with these hoes faking they status.. I heard of fake it to you make it!! But sis just didn’t get there!!! 不不不 Seems like not only is she getting replaced by Rhianna, but she can’t seem to stay in her own place! Yall remember when Rhianna kicked her off her team. Ari Fletcher could be the second Savage X Fenty brand ambassador to have her deal canceled by Rihanna herself, following a series of comments regarding domestic abuse that reportedly irritated the Bajan boss.

After RiRi dropped that ass, because of some off-color statements Ari made on a podcast and then again during an Instagram live stream, fans are guessing there’s a dispute going on behind the scenes. Its kind of crazy how now no one is saying shit about it! I don’t care I am on this forum being messy; Is the girl still looking for a place to live or what? I am a little curious about it. I think the last I heard about her was a few weeks ago. What do Y’all think?