In order to win your disability quickly, make sure that when filing out paper work, you are as detailed as possible. Most of the time the reason why most disability claims get rejected, is because there is not enough information that shows you need assistance. I decided to share this information so that it may help someone out there who may have a hearing coming up soon, or someone who has applied and did not seek an attorney to help.

Before we get into the matter at hand, let me share these reasons that many of you have not gotten approved or rejected. The list is as follows

  • Missing filing deadlines.
  • Incomplete medical history. .
  • Not understanding when you became disabled.
  • Not having worked long enough to qualify.
  • Temporary disability.

Its important that when you apply, that you state all these things that is required of you. No one will know your issues and take you seriously, if you do not know yourself the issue. Sayings like “I wish to work” or “If I could work, I would” are not appropriate. A judge may receive the impression that you could work if you make such claims. The point is that some people with severe disabilities work, but this is not the argument you should be bringing up during your hearing.

One of the most guaranteed ways to get approved for disability, is to state that you are depressed or you have been clinically diagnosed as bipolar. I have found when these individuals have hearings, and they show that they have signs of being unstable, and are a risk to others, they will get the approval in no time.

If you don’t believe me do the research! Most people who apply for disability apply because they claim they have back issues and cannot work due to pain. However, unless you have a doctor that will vouch for you, you will find that you will be told you do not meet the requirement. In this case, this could lead you going to get representation, and this could take forever to do. Normally with representation you may be expected to wait about 2-3 years for an answer.

If you find yourself looking for representation, you can try Legal Aid I your area. Their disability office helps out a great deal.