This weekend has been one that many will not forget. I have to say that I am not surprised that Tasha K, is sharing her views on Jason Lee. Last night Tasha K voiced how people should be upset being that Jason Lee is supposedly sharing lies in his profession. The confusion took place when Tasha K said that Jason Lee was lying about Queen Elizabeth being deceased. We all know that the queen has been suffering from Covid, and that is something that has taken many lives. The media was on guard when they found out and some reported on their Youtube channels that the queen had passed away. Tasha K has made it clear that Jason Lee was looking for this story because the blogger media has not been doing so well. She claimed that anyone who wants the truth should be tuning in to her rather than Jason Lee media which is Known as Hollywood Unlocked.

This was important for Tasha K to share because she had just lost a lawsuit this year. Tasha K was found guilty and forced to pay almost 4 Million dollars for slander against the rapper Cardi B. During the time Tasha K was in court, many media outlets reported how it was wrong for Tasha K to share lies about Cardi B. Some of these major networks included Hollywood Unlocked and other media outlets. This is all been so very messy, and many others are waiting to see what Jason Lee will say about the whole thing.