So of course you all know that Gov. Desantis is trying to put a law in office where you can carry guns onsite. I feel like there is plenty that could go wrong with this law. Lately, I am a little confused on a lot of things that Gov. Ron Desantis is trying to put into action. I mean lets be clear, we already have enough trouble with gun violence as it is, so why in the world would he want to create a law like this. I could only think that this is going to be more problematic than helping us as a people. Youi think that crime is up now? then just wait till this law is passed.

The “open carry” bill would further weaken Florida’s already permissive gun laws by allowing concealed weapon permit holders to carry their guns openly and visibly virtually anywhere. This “Wild West” open carry proposal would make Florida a more dangerous and menacing place, not a safer place.

According to studies, having a visible gun makes people more violent. Allowing open carry of firearms in public also makes it impossible to distinguish between “good men” and “bad guys” during active shooter situations. The open carrying of firearms in public should be prohibited by states.