Strike! chalkboard

I have shared my concern about newsbreak a few times, but I failed to share the one thing that many creators are upset about with the platform. Let’s get right to the chase. NewsBreak is destroying contributors with the strikes they give out, which started when they added all these new rules to the platform. How do they expect creators to write when there are so many stupid rules in place? That is unnecessary’; I think it’s unfortunate that they are giving so many writers issues when it is the writers who make the platform.

I have heard quite a few times the frustrations from individuals who wrote great work, only to be told they would have to change their title or omit something in the article to make it something that it never was. It sucks to be a brilliant writer but have to limit your skills because it looks better to the public. I was taught to write what I am feeling, and to do it well enough that it will touch someone by them reading the words. I find that hard to do when you have a platform that does not understand what it means to be a true writer.

Many have walked away from the platform, as it does not give writers an opportunity to grow with their own original work. When I write something, it is because I meant what I put on paper. I should not have to change my views to make someone else feel better. The thing is, we all have views and we all do not see everything the same. This makes us who we are. I refuse to pretend or share works I know are not who I truly am. In all, I know I will not be the first to talk about the stupid rules and I will not be the last.