I have been a writer now for almost 20 years. I have worked on many projects and have also taken the role of writing for other social media sites. I have never had a problem with these companies until I tried out an app that allows people to share their voices with the public. The company I started working for was called “NEWSBREAK”. Many of you have heard of the platform and have read about it. I was highly upset after I signed up, only to be told that my work was too forward. I would think that the website would want quality work that shares real-life views and valid information. Instead, they want speculation and opinions. I just can’t understand how you want contributors to share their personal work, but do not want them to share true stories about life.

I have decided that it only caters to a certain demographic and is not worth being a part of. I will say that this is my opinion and I am sticking to it. If you want people to write, then allow them to write; We shouldn’t be forced to do or say what the company wants us to say, to be what they call safe media. I refuse to lower myself to work for a company that doesn’t choose fairly and expects the writer to lower their standards. The sad part is the writers that also work with me on “Explicit Talk Radio”, The “NEWS BREAK” platform have approved all of their articles. I am thinking it’s because one writer on this platform has a degree in psychology, so they look at her as more of a source. The others are all well-known authors, so maybe that is why they are being published. The double standard is so real, I feel all writers are not treated equally.

I love all the writers I work with on this platform. It just seems like most of them get better opportunities on the Newsbreak app than regular publishers who are trying to share their voice. So if you are someone that is also having a hard time working with “NEWSBREAK” you are not alone. The rules and all these standards just made me realize they cannot let creators be creators. In this case, I choose not to be a part of it.