I have written many of post about the improvements that Uber Eats could make. One thing that I really have a problem with is the way that they handle their customer service. I have been driving for Uber Eats for sometime now, and the things that irritate me the most, is when I am on a trip, and I run into an issue that only customer service can handle, and Uber Eats customer service is not available. When I finally get them on the phone, they will place you yet another hold, that in my case, has been about 30 minutes or longer. I just can’t understand why in the world Uber Eats just can’t get their shit together! I am tired of going through the aggravation of searching for help while on the road. The funny thing is, I am not the only one who has complained about the service that they lack. Business owners have raised their voices complaining about how they are tired of Uber Eats ignoring their calls or request online. Some say that when they do reach someone, that they are told to wait as they escalate the issue.

What on earth takes so long to escalate an issue when you owe people money? I have found that many times Uber Eats pretend as if they are doing you a favor, when all they are doing is causing you more pain and suffering. I drive almost 8 hours a day doing Uber Eats as my full time job. I find that Uber does not give you enough money when it comes to gas, tips, and what annoys me the most, is that when you have to go through a toll, you have to come up with the money yourself. I am just so tired of being treated this way and feel that Uber Eats does not value their drivers. We do most of the work with restaurants, and all Uber Eats does is take all the money that we work hard for. I understand that many customers are strained as well! I ordered food one night from the app, and I was outraged by the prices! I could not believe that a burger from McDonalds was about 26.00 not including a tip! When I started doing more research, I realized that Uber Eats was taking almost 50 % of what what I made in trips.

I need to understand how someone’s food could be $26.00, and When I deliver the order all I get is $3.80. This seems a little on the cheap side don’t you think? Half the time Uber Eats does not process your payment after a trip. When I found this out, I started calculating everything on paper. It got so bad that I had to call them and demand what I was owed or I would be filing a lawsuit. I should never have to threaten someone I work for to pay me what I earned. Uber Eats is just as messy as they come. They are not here to help the drivers or business owners. All Uber Eats has done is take my hard earned money and throw me pennies. The day that I decided I deserved better was the best day of my life. I will not ever find myself working for this establishment ever again. I would advise anyone who works for Uber Eats, to write down all your trips so you know exactly how much you are suppose to be paid.

I am not sure if I can prove it or not, but I also heard that they were pocketing the tips after trips. Some how when customers leave tips, Uber Eats claimed that if you did not get it, that the customer decided to take it back. WTF! Like how does this work! Why on earth would someone leave a tip, thank me as I deliver food, tell me to be safe, and then when I get in the car say they don’t want to tip me. The thing is, you can never see what goes on the other side of the app. Everything Uber Eats customer service tells you is not always the truth. Its really pathetic and I am at the end of my rope with the shit. I don’t have time to be checking behind a business who is suppose to be fair in paying me my damn money. I just can’t do it and will not; I wanted to share this experience for anyone who is going through a similar situation. I would say to you, you are not at all over thinking it, if you feel like you are being scammed with Uber Eats its probably possible.