Okay, so there is so much talk about. I had to come on the forum to give my opinion. I been watching so many videos and still I think that most YouTubers don’t know shit about what they are talking about. So it is mentioned that Tasha K appeal is dismissed by the court. They are basically saying that Tasha K husband, could be the reason for the whole mess. I guess, if it does not show that her husband is not a United States citizen, this could be a fail for Tasha. So if he cannot prove that he is a citizen, then the appeal is no good. I mean this is all so bad… I don’t know how this would work out for Tasha.

I was watching Tasha K YouTube channel lastnight, I could tell from her expressions that she is tired… I don’t know when she will just bite the bullet and just pull down the videos. I’m just waiting to see what she is going to do next. Its clear that YouTubers are talking so much shit about Tasha K. Some that I like and others that I can’t stand. Another thing is, you guys have to know that nothing has been said yet about Tasha K and the punishment of not removing the videos. So in this case, Tasha K may very well move the videos if this appeal thing goes left.

In all, Tasha K knew exactly what she was doing! She never planned to move the videos unless she lost the appeal. Lets all please pray for Tasha K and her husband. Thoughs who love her this is serious business. We need to rally together and show support so that she will make it through this. Yes, I know many of you hate her, but I happen to be one that love her and want to see her win.