Hollins High School, in Pinellas County, is a school that we learned today that had an 18-year-old on campus with a loaded gun. In this city of St Petersburg Florida, guns have been an issue for the longest. Many people have expressed their concerns, and they’re quite frankly tired of it. St Petersburg Florida, has been one of the places that I feel have failed when it comes to protecting its own from gun violence. Over the past years, gun violence has risen and claimed the lives of many in the state. There have been meetings with the city, and even community outreach at churches and other organizations, and still, we are not capable of keeping guns off the streets, in our stores, on public transportation, and now in our schools. It was stated that the 18-year-old was carrying a Beretta Nano .380 gun inside of his backpack. The gun was in working condition; In the arrest affidavit, a deputy noted, “and had a magazine with seven bullets within, and an eighth-round being in the chamber of the pistol…”The student was taken into custody and charged with having a weapon on school grounds.