Florida rent has been going up like crazy over the last few years. No one is taking the time to truly address why the high cost. Truly, this is a crisis in the state, and many are not taking it as seriously as the people thrown out on the streets. Many are struggling every day and do not know how they are going to make it with rising costs. It really is a shame because, in a local Saint Petersburg area, many people are wondering what the hell they’re going to do within the next week. Many landlords are raising their rents because, frankly, they’re trying to stay afloat themselves. The community started speaking out because the rent was just too high. I guess it is not loud enough, because still today we are facing the same problem.

It’s a shame that rent is going up so high in just a matter of a year. Many believe that because so many people from up north are coming to the south, this is the reason the rent is going up so high. Many renters feel like this is a perfect opportunity to monopolize off the newcomers moving to the state. However, although Florida is building up many places, and we have tourism, many people are feeling the hurt and the pain behind it all. Another fact, many people are buying properties in Florida, and they’re trying to raise the rent so that they can monopolize off the people in the state. It’s a shame because many who’ve lived here for so long can not afford to live in their homes. Many people in the community have been asking for the support of the governor, but it seems that this has not been a big issue on his plate. Not only is the governor responsible, but some also blame the United States President for these same issues.

Lets be clear, there is more than one issue here. Many people can’t afford to eat, put gas in their cars, or pay their rent. If something is not done soon, no one knows what the future may hold. Indeed, the housing crisis is just more than in St Petersburg, Florida. This crisis is everywhere, and it is up to our local officials and our United States President to make sure that we handle this major issue we have around the world.