All of this is just something crazy! So we find out today, that Blac Chyna has not paid her taxes since 2015 and did not have a bank account. This all came about while going through a trial with the Kardashians. We all knew that this was going to be a trial that plenty would come out at one point or another. Today journalist Mr. Dennis Byron made the announcement on Twitter. This is all just so surprising.

Just yesterday, we were told that Blac Chyna ‘s Mother Tokyo Toni was banned from court. This all came about because Tokyo Toni was online sharing information about the case. It seems like more and more keeps coming out. Unfortunately, it seems like the more we find out in this trial, the more it seems like Blac Chyna is being viewed as the villain. Today we heard more information on Blac Chyna holding a gun to Rob Kardashians head. Blac Chyna made a statement that she was just playing when all of this took place. Many could not grasp that anyone would play around in this manner. I don’t know, the more we find out the more it seems like Blac Chyna is not doing so well.