So it comes as no surprise that Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni has been banned from the courtroom for good. That’s right! Tokyo Toni has been banned from the courtroom; let’s be clear, we all think we know why this all happened. This all possibly happened, because the Kardashians probably did not like what they saw on social media, where Tokyo Toni was talking about the ladies openly in videos that are posted on TMZ. Tokyo Toni has been one who will share her views on many topics regardless of who does not like it. Let’s be clear, many people love Tokyo Toni! When you really want to know what’s going on, you can count on Tokyo Toni to spill the tea. However, let’s talk about what others are also really confused about. So many are wondering why is it that when the Kardashians are going through some s***, it always seems to be covered up and no-one wants to talk about it? Some social media followers feel like if this was somebody else, that the case would be headline news all over every news and broadcasting station.

Some feel like the Kardashians always seem to get a break when it comes to sharing their life stories on the internet. People feel that sometimes the reporting can be very biased, and some even allege that the Kardashians actually pay people to keep their business secret. One things for sure, Many are not surprised that Tokyo Toni was banned from the courtroom. We kind of felt that by Tokyo talking so much mess, and then also even threatening the judge, it was going to stir up some controversy. Now that this is all happening, many wonder how on earth are they going to really get the true details about what is going on with this case. Truly, the Kardashians see Tokyo Toni as a threat, and possibly someone who would share too much of their business that they would not want exposed. This will leave the Kardashians having the word against Blac Chyna’s, and we will all be left trying to figure out what really is the truth.