So, as you guys know, in St. Petersburg, Florida, there has been a serial killer who has been on the loose. Just the past few weeks there were talks about a potential black male out in Saint Petersburg, Florida. This killer would shoot at victims as they approached his vehicle. Authorities said, the killer would ask the victims a question, and when they would approach his car, the suspect would shoot the person dead. What is so crazy is that the last we heard about this situation was about a week and a half ago. There has not been a lot of media coverage of the incident, and many in the community want answers. The suspect killed two black men.

No one has any idea who the killer is, or if and how he will strike next. The two black men that were killed in the city were Vernon Williams, 60, who was walking along Melrose Avenue South on the 10th of April, and Corlenzo Williams, 24, was walking down 17th Avenue South two days later when someone shot him dead as well. This is completely out of control. There are two men that deserve justice, and I would like to see them get it! These men had families and people in their lives who loved them dearly. This really makes no sense why no one is talking about this more. I only hope that someone will start giving more information as this is extremely important.