Explicit Talk Radio @2022

Those of you out there who have found such strong interest in the man or women who cannot seem to keep their hands off social media, take this message to warn. Beware! May cause heartache and pain; There are many men and women who spend most of their time on social media. One of the most popular sites on social media that seem to have broken up so many marriages would be “Face book” which was for reuniting with friends from school and finding relatives. I am not surprised that it has also become a curse too many in homes all over the world.

This type of social media displays men and women young and old to display their bodies inappropriately and connect through very personal conversations. Most couples argue daily because they find one or the other on social networking exposing themselves are viewing photos of other half-naked men and women. Keep in mind that when these couples hooked up with each other, it came from social media. If a man or a woman spends more time on social networking than with you, believe me, honey, you should be concerned; there is a 50% chance that the more someone is on social media, they will lust, cheat, and possibly divorce you later on in the future.

Why would you want to locate someone from the opposite sex to check on their status? I say this especially if they are not your relatives, a business partner, or an old best friend. Most would agree that those who engage on social networking sites are looking for something other than family. What becomes an innocent trial of searching for friends and family turns into much worse once words are exchanged to a stranger that your mate may find appealing. I mention to couples often if you’re married; it is not a good idea to join social networking sites if you cannot respect the marriage.

When you join such sites, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Being that we are only human, there are some things we must do to prevent ourselves from becoming divorced from our mate. There have been times I’ve seen couples out and about enjoying each other’s company, and the husband or wife cannot stop looking through his or her phone as they engage in looking at social media comments. Under their breath, the other party sighs as they sit at a table, wondering when I will ever get time with my partner. This is a sad situation and something should be done about this behavior. What is worse is you can be in the same house and your husband or wife sits hours on a computer while their partner sits patiently to spend quality time with their mate. Husbands are up late till 3 am sometimes while wives tucked away in their beds sound asleep as they prowl the engine, looking to commit infidelity.

Couples who come for counseling seeking to get help because they cannot communicate. All I have to say is “back away from the computer!” Then you will realize how much you are missing. It reached a point that couples would argue just because their wives or husbands said they spend too much time on the computer. In addition, ultimately lead to fights and later resulted in divorce. Sometimes an individual could be so blind that they do not realize that while they are on social media, their family members need them the most. My advice is to please beware of this man or woman. I believe that if they spend so much time on social media that they are not concerned about the well-being of their relationship.

There were men and women who admitted that they needed help and that they had an addiction. They mentioned they could not seem to stay off social media, and that social media was a major part of their lives. It is sad because just as social media is such a big part of an individual’s life. They have the same problem with infidelity. Many women and men are heartbroken in marriages and relationships because they felt the pain of unfaithful men or women. It sucks to see good women and men suffer from poor partners in their lives. This is a disease that has killed our society and the good people we have left are giving up on true love.

Is it fair to say that some men and women do not know how to be good husbands and wives? Infidelity is one of the biggest diseases since HIV was around. I feel that we have so many couples who are so blind to the fact that people do cheat for selfish reasons. Is it fair to say that we do not have strong women and men around anymore? It’s so hard to understand how men and women can be cheated on many times in one relationship, and still believe that their partner loves them. I believe that if you strike out once, you may forgive and move past. The second time he or she cheats, I could see maybe even another chance, but beyond three or four times! How could you feel there’s not a problem here!?

How do you feel that the relationship is healthy for you? I feel like slapping a person sometimes who feels that they can work on a relationship that has been ruined from the beginning with infidelity. However, I also understand that we have feelings and our hearts keep us close to the person we fell in love with. There are individuals in our lives who have made a tremendous impact. I believe that no matter how big of an impact someone has left in our lives, we should be able to say we are worth more than gold and should not allow someone to destroy our hearts and take away our joy.

In addition, I feel they should not take away the motivation and trust of others who care about you that will allow you to find love again. I cannot say that when couples get married, they will live happily ever after. My reasons are that marriage brings out more issues than dating. When you marry someone, you are faced with being around that person for the rest of your life. There is no way to escape the mornings of waking up to bad breath, looking at your mate without makeup, and facing the other person with whom you are still angry with from last night.

Don’t be fooled to think when you marry someone that you do not need to worry about what they may do. Marriage to me seems like a cover that makes it okay to have sex and live together. However, it’s not always this type of thing; there are couples today who have been married and continue to go strong at this point in their lives, but that does not mean they did not have to go through turmoil to get to where they are today.