Tasha K, the celebrity blogger is being accused of buying subscribers for her Youtube channel. Many are voicing their concerns on social media, and they seem certain that Tasha K buys subscriptions, because it does not add up to the views she has on her platform. After we heard so many complaints on the internet, we decided to take a look at Tasha K,s account ourselves to see if this was actually valid. Our conclusion is that, it’s possible for viewers to subscribe to Tasha K,s channel and still not watch every single video. However, it does seem rather strange that she has over a million followers, but yet her videos rarely meet 52,000 to 60,000 views per video. Many other YouTubers are also talking about this issue, and one in particular is Sweet Pea Diaries, she is making it clear that Tasha K is nothing but a fraud. After all that happened with Cardi B, it’s clear that a lot of people are really upset about how things are going, especially seeing that Tasha K does not regret anything that she has done.

We all know that after Tasha K lost the case to Cardi B, Her subscribers took a massive hit and she lost about 5,000 subscribers. Many felt that this was clearly a sign that Tasha K was done. However, a few weeks to a month later, Tasha K managed to gain those 5,000 subs and some extra. After seeing this, speculation started surfacing and many were sure that Tasha K was buying subs, because her views on videos were quite low. When this was speculated, YouTubers and YouTube communities were outraged! They started calling the celebrity blogger out for scamming the system on Youtube. It seems that every creator on YouTube that envy’s Tasha K, wanted to make sure they called her out on her shit. In all, Tasha K kept reaching for the stars and did not give a damn about what others had to say. She knew that she was on to something because she has everyone talking.

I think what sparked more outrage was because Tasha K did an interview with TS Madison, and Tasha K admitted that this whole situation with Cardi B made her better. Let’s be clear, her exact words were “I’ve Arrived”. It’s clear that a lot of people have a problem with Tasha K, but I also feel to some degree that many are upset Tasha K hasn’t failed yet. We all know that many were looking for the day that the Tasha K,s channel would be non-existent. Tasha K was someone who many wanted to see her pay for everything that she did to Cardi B. It’s kind of crazy, Tasha K loses the lawsuit to Cardi, refuses to take the videos down, and still continues to work and is congratulated by YouTube for her messy content. If you are on the outside looking in, you would certainly want to know what the hell is really going on.