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Fairmont Park Elementary school is considered one of the worst schools in Saint Petersburg, Florida. What is more depressing is that it is considered a school that is located in a predominantly black neighborhood, with high crime and drugs. Many have shared their frustration with gun violence and the sale of marijuana at some of the homes located near the school. One source explained she has called the police on many occasions but no one has done anything with the drug traffic in the neighborhood.

Another thing that should be mentioned is the lack of discipline that many parents talk about with their children. Some believe that the teachers are just looking for a check, rather than caring for the children. One mother mentioned that it’s a shame that her child was told they were able to continue to middle school, but was unable to do basic math and reading. It is such a letdown when parents send their children to school to learn, yet they come back knowing barely the basics.

Teachers at the school have their hands full also. There are numerous reports of the children at the school fighting each other, vandalizing homes nearby, and being disrespectful to teachers and people in their community. Its clear from the reviews online this school is not a preferred school when it comes to the elementary school level. A source mentioned that teachers often times blame the parents, they would say that the parents are not teaching their children enough at home. This can cause issues with learning in and out of their classrooms.

Overall, if you are thinking about sending your child to this school you may want to have a long talk with the administration. Find out what their plans are for the school. I would also suggest looking into some other schools that can offer your child a better education. Saint Petersburg, Florida is a great place in many ways, but it also has a lot of things that can really bring it down.