Once again Governor Ron DeSantis is being called out by black lawmakers, saying that his time will run out in November. A lot of people have been on board with a lot of the things that DeSantis wanted to do for his state. As of right now, it seems that DeSantis has rubbed some the wrong way. Governor Ron DeSantis, has always been one that most would say is very controversial. Many started to see Gov. Ron DeSantis ‘as a hindrance whenever it came to covid a year ago. Seeing Ron DeSantis go against what most would call valid science, sparked outrage by the state of Florida. Mayors, along with the President had words that were not so good when speaking about Gov. Ron Desantis actions.

On Monday, a group of black Florida lawmakers gathered in the heart of Little Haiti to send a message to Gov. Ron DeSantis about revised congressional districts. “Let my people vote,” Dotie Joseph, a state representative, told the gathering. When it came to DeSantis’ intention to redraw Florida’s congressional districts, Joseph was joined by more than 20 other lawmakers and community people who expressed their dissatisfaction, but not surprise. The redistricting, which would add four Republican seats while eliminating two Black Democratic members, will be addressed in a special session of the Legislature on Tuesday.

As you would assume, this has sparked outrage with black lawmakers. In a video that was online, shows that Ron DeSantis is being called out as a racist. DeSantis’ actions were labeled “racist” by speakers. Bullard cited DeSantis’ previous acts of racism, ranging from the governor’s “anti-riot” law, which was blocked by a federal district judge for being “vague and overbroad” as well as an attack on free speech, to the most recent “Stop WOKE Act,” which critics say prevents accurate teaching of Black history. Bullard went on to say that the congressional map was simply the most recent example. Bullard made sure that before he left the podium that Desantis knew that he was sending a threat, that Gov. Ron Desantis will be voted out of his seat come November.