Armon Wiggins shared with the world in a video, that Tasha K has caused a lot of trouble for him during his YouTube career. The YouTuber set the record straight about how he felt regardless of what others thought. He made it clear that he is not jealous of Tasha K, but felt that his supporters and the rest of the world should know the truth. In his tell-all video, Armon mentioned that Tasha K mentioned that TS Madison was trash, and that she would never go on her show. This was all so very surprising since just a few days ago, Tasha K was setting with TS Madison on Fox Soul talking about the Cardi B case.

The YouTuber also mentioned that he tried working with the celebrity blogger, but it seemed that Tasha K was threatened by him. It got so bad, that he even mentioned that when he asked Tasha K for help with getting views, she refused saying that her husband did not want her to do it. Armon mentioned that there was times were he felt Tasha K and he were friends, but Tasha K knocked that down saying that they were never friends. Armon explains that how they met all came down to him talking about her. Although many warned Armon about Tasha K he still took a chance on working with her. Its clear that he had a lot to share with everyone. Many believe and support Armon as he tries to continue to grow as a content creator. Its a shame because clearly he has talent, style, and the ability to captivate an audience.