Many are left scratching their heads on why the most hated and loved blogger, is being praised for hitting 1 million subscribers after she had been in court with the mega superstar Cardi B. Many are really confused at how YouTube could even entertain the idea that Tasha K would be deserving of having this pleasure. For most, they are highly excited celebrating the come up of Tasha K! As I mentioned before, it sure seems like Tasha K is winning!

Although this is a great win for Tasha K, many are trying to figure out what the major social media platform is thinking. It seems that many believe that if Tasha K would have been a low leveled content creator, that she would have been removed a long time ago. Tasha K has made it clear that YouTube would not have the balls to take down her channel. I am assuming that the celebrity blogger was referring to her having legal action against the social media giant. This is just so confusing for a lot of people.

More than anything, we all know that for Cardi this is yet another upset. Cardi has been going through so much when it comes to this case with Tasha K. I do not think that Cardi B would have thought that still today, the legal issues with Tasha k would be going on. Its hard to not feel sorry for Cardi B, especially when it seems like Tasha K keeps winning at what she does so well. My question still today is, “Is Tasha K really winning?”