As you guys know, everyone is in an uproar because of the last stunt that Tasha K pulled when she had one of her own, say that she was actually in jail. Many were very upset about this, and they wondered why a 40-year-old woman would actually go to the extent to say that she was in jail, when clearly this was not the case. What is more surprising is many people cannot understand why Tasha K, is still with 1 million followers even though she has done so many bad things to many people. In addition, she shares what most agree is lies over the internet. For others, they are just really thrilled that Tasha K has become a bigger name in blogging. But the question really is, what is Tasha K trying to prove? Second, why is she doing what she’s doing? Clearly, she knows that this is only going to dig a bigger hole for her in the future. Many wonder also, why is it so many people right now doing interviews with Tasha K knowing the type of person she is. I think when it comes to the money, many people are open to do whatever it takes to share their views, and their life stories to the world.

One thing that we all have to agree on is that Tasha K has definitely made her mark, as one of the most hated people in blogging. Although this is the case, Tasha K still has a healthy following on social media. Although Tasha K is going through a lot with this whole Cardi B case, people are still concerned about how Cardi B is doing. We all know that Cardi B struggled through all of this mess, and still Cardi can hold her head up high and get splendid music out there. Cardi stated many times that all of this negativity is very difficult for her. Not to mention how all this drama made her feel like taking her own life. Being a mom of two now, Cardi wants to put all the nonsense behind her. One thing that I know is that it’s hard for Cardi to sit back and allow someone to ruin her name, especially now that she has children.

Everyone is wondering what is going to be the next move for Tasha K. We all want to know what she has to say, what she’s going to do, and if this whole thing is even a thing. Most believe that Tasha K won’t serve any time because she’s Tasha K. You got to admit, Tasha K has been on her game and has shown people over and over again that she will recover from any disappointment. I guess for most people that is why she is hated so much among many on social media. One thing I can say is, this is definitely not the end of Tasha K; just recently Tasha K reached 1 million followers on YouTube. It’s clear that a lot of the social media platforms are working well with the blogger. When it comes to YouTube, most believe that if they really cared about what Tasha K was doing, that she would have been removed a long time ago. Many suggested that Cardi B should have sued YouTube rather than attacking Tasha K. No matter how you slice it, it is all just a hot ass mess America! for now, we just have to sit back and watch and see what happens next.