They Were Dead Wrong!

I have to say that I have just found myself not interested in watching the Wendy Williams Show. Every since they took Wendy off the air, the show has done miserably. I cannot understand why they feel that the show will continue to be a success with all these different host on the show. I just can’t understand why they feel that Wendy is not up to do the job when clearly she is the one that made the daytime television show.

If you guys remember, there was many times when Wendy Williams stated on her show, that if something happened to her, she would choose her replacement. I do remember Wendy Williams talking about Sherri Shepherd, but I feel that when Wendy mentioned this, the producers of the daytime talk show used this to their advantage. As soon as they felt a need to get Wendy Williams out the picture, they decided it was the perfect time to get Sherri in the slot.

What was more upsetting is that they had the damn nerve to place Sherri Shepherds ass in place for a new daytime show. I never could get to the place where I liked her. She seems so extra and fake sometimes. When Sherri started doing the Wendy show, she became very disrespectful to Wendy Williams Legacy. I could tell that Sherri was happy that Wendy got the boot. If you noticed, she has become so extra on social media. Posting different clips of her doing various jobs. I know that she knows that Wendy Williams is watching;

Wendy Williams was done wrong period! I cannot understand why no one is offering their support for the star. Whatever happened to Wendy, that resulted in the banks holding her money, her losing her show, and pretty much her just being herself has hurt many of us who love her. I only hope and pray that Wendy will get well soon.

“Wendy We Miss You!”