There has been so much talk about Rhianna being called a illuminati affiliate. Its clear that a lot that has been going on with the star, and it makes you wonder if she really is of Satan. I got chills all over my body when I saw this video of Drake and Rhianna on stage. The numbers that flashed to the audience as they sing along to Drakes song. The numbers displayed three number 6’s as the stage displayed pictures of Rhianna’s face in between slides.

I do not feel that people are over reacting to this, clearly there is something wrong with this picture. Not to mention, I know you all recall when Rhianna was told NOT! to enter in Senegal. They felt that Rhianna was with some demonic spirit, and they did not feel that she should be in their country. We also have to remember that when the star got started, JayZ the mega mogul was responsible for bringing her on to the industry. It has been many rumors that Jay Z & Beyonce worshipped the devil. Many believe that Beyonce success is all because of the illuminati.

When we take a closer look at this, it’s not at all far fetched and its clear that Rhianna is known as a billionaire today. If you sell your soul to the devil, the reward is fame and fortune; Well for the celebrities, this is the case for them. Many believe that when they are a part of the illuminati, you will have to go through public humiliation before you can be successful. We all know that Rhianna suffered great humiliation when she and Chris brown got into a terrible abusive relationship. After that, the star blew up and was well-known, and loved by many, and has become one of the richest women in the world.

It’s crazy how all of this has happened and I believe without a doubt that Rhianna indeed is the devil. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen celebrities’ get involved with this demonic nonsense. There are also many other celebrities who are also going down the same path. Just recently, Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion decided to show their demonic side.

Many suggested that this was the reason why so many who tune into the stars, struggle with loss of profits, sexual warfare, and some not being able to get rid of spiritual spouses. When we listen to these artist, you are inviting in spirits that can over take you. In all, you will find yourself struggling to fight addictions. Rhianna and many female celebs, seem to bring on a sexual type of vibe. The women will get you into looking at their bodies and causing you to lust after them. Then you are caught into the sin of lust.

You may indeed pray for forgiveness, but you still find yourself looking at women over and over again. You find that this will lead to other sin, like even stepping out in your marriage and partaking in pornography. Most men are seduced by the woman. Which is why they say that the woman is the most powerful creature today. Even from the beginning of time with Eve in the garden. These rappers and singers show their bodies and dance in a suggestive ways that will make you want to envision or like them in a sexual way.

Most celebs dress suggestive and they make sure you see their most valued parts, that should only be seen by the husband. Many Christians have fallen away because they allowed their eyes to fall for the trick, that the enemy placed before them. Its sad because the media knows that this is what sells. You hear more about female rappers being the biggest stars rather than most male rappers. This indeed is a scary thing. We all should be worried about what we see and listen too.

The fact of the matter is, the agenda of making others fall into sin I working. You will find that every human being on this earth spend more time on their phones in apps like Instagram, twitter, and YouTube. All these platforms promote women showing half naked pictures, video’s and luring people away from their bibles. It gets to the point that the first thing you grab is a phone when you wake up in the morning to see how a celeb loos in a bikini or in a overly sexualize video. Our own children inspire to be these women they see showing all their parts because they think that is what gets you a real man.

I know that GOD is disappointed in this. Everything that Jesus and his word is at this point is being tarnished. What a disappointment this will be on the day when he shall return. What we need to do is stay away from these things and ask for help from GOD. If you continue to fall for these things you will be one left behind. The industry is a terrible place, although it may not seem like much to most, the devil has people minds and his agenda is taking souls each and everyday.