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Subway 3135 34th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

I must say that I am highly disappointed with the service at the subway chains. Just today I walked into a store, and I saw the most horrible thing. It seems in Saint Petersburg, Florida, when you have a craving for something, you always run into some issues with customer service. I went inside to get my order that was supposed to have been made 30 minutes before I arrived. When I got there, I walked into the rage of two workers arguing with each other and then taking it out on the customers. As I watched at the counter waiting to show the order number, I saw one worker facing an elderly couple who were waiting to be served. His response was “We don’t have this type of bread, so if you want something you need to pick something else” as he walked away. There was no greeting at any point just straight-out rude talk. It shocked me when I heard his direct mean statement and was not surprised that the elderly couple walked out the door to head to another place to eat.

What is worse is that you can’t even reach a customer service representative over the phone. It’s like they don’t want to hear how bad the service is in the area. I understand that most may be under high stress and underpaid, but that is no excuse for someone to treat customers that way. I thought this could have been someone’s mom or dad, and I would not want that to happen to them. I am so sick of Saint Petersburg, Florida, and their bullshit when it comes to customer service. I reported the incident, but I think that someone should be fired. There is no reason to treat people this way. If you don’t like your fucking job, then quit! One thing is for sure, they won’t have to worry about me ever visiting this location again.