Dr. BBQ has some great selections when it comes to the menu. I had the opportunity to take a trip downtown to taste the delicious eats that were listed at the location. The restaurant looked great! It was clean, and I made it just in time before the crowd started rolling in. One thing that I noticed at this establishment was that the staff did not seem on top of their game with customer service. I think one of the biggest issues we have in Florida is how the members of the staff treat its customers. Although the staff was not the best, I still wanted to try what so many were talking about when it comes to the food.

I ordered the Ribs, Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, and Potato salad. Now let me add that I have also purchased the same items from this restaurant on Uber Eats. For this reason, I wanted to make sure that when I did this review that the food was consistent with taste. I will say that when I ate at the restaurant the second time, there were plenty of inconsistencies in the food’s taste. The ribs are always great, however, the potato salad lack flavor and the mac & cheese was not the best either. When it came to the collard greens, I noticed that each time I ordered them, they were spot on with the same great taste. However, I would not say that they are as good as most Ma and Pa restaurants.

I think that Dr. BBQ gets all of its hype because it’s been highly advertised to the public. The more views, the more will flock to the establishment. However, there are tons of other downtown restaurants that are delicious and do not get the same notarization. I think that Dr. BBQ is a pretty good place but with the lack of parking, high food prices, and unfriendly staff, it could have many second-guessing if they would want to eat there. Overall, I think that it’s an average place to get great ribs. The other added sides could use a little more work to make sure it is consistent, with the same great taste each time. If I had to rate the restaurant with a grade for taste, it would be a B+