Cassie Carli, a Florida mother who vanished a week ago

– Cassie Carli, a Florida mother who vanished a week ago while attempting to get her 4-year-old daughter from her ex-boyfriend, was discovered in a shallow grave Saturday night. Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said the body, which detectives recognized based on a tattoo, was discovered in an Alabama barn during a press conference on Sunday. Carli was last seen on Sunday evening in the parking lot of a beachside restaurant near her home in Navarre, Florida, where she was meeting her ex-boyfriend Marcus Spanevelo, her daughter’s father. Investigators then found her vehicle, which had her purse, as well as the couple’s 4-year-old kid.

On Saturday, Spanevelo was arrested in Tennessee on allegations of tampering with evidence, providing false information in a missing persons investigation, and evidence destruction. Now that Carli’s body has been discovered, Sheriff Johnson believes more charges will be filed.

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Johnson would not go into detail about Spanevelo’s link to the Alabama farm where Carli’s body was discovered, but he did indicate that investigators were at the barn executing a search warrant for Carli’s phone, which was also missing. Spanevelo has not been collaborating with officials, according to Johnson, and the only thing he has said to them is “lawyer.” “He was completely unhelpful with us, and it says a lot,” Johnson said. “It’s kind of telling that your baby’s mother is missing and you’re not willing to assist with authorities.” Carli’s family, according to Johnson, was devastated when they learned her body had been discovered.

“We were saddened by Cassie’s death, but it’s nice for the family to get closure,” Johnson added. “Keeping this jerk in jail, where he belongs, is a good thing.” Johnson continued, “I believe we have a strong case, and I believe he will either spend the rest of his life in prison or receive the needle. The needle, hopefully.” Carli’s remains will be subjected to an autopsy on Monday morning.