As you all know, Amazon has sued Fiverr users for posting fake reviews on products on their website. What makes this more chilling is that it is possible that right now, the company may still has some issues with this. At this point it may not be such a huge problem because not Amazon made it mandatory that a customer buy a product before actually making a review. This seems to help out a great deal when it comes to making sure real people are getting the valid information about products. This is the other concern; if you look at Fiverr website, there are many profiles that have a lot of reviews that seem to glorify their work. Most of these accounts are not actual feedback from customers, but from the owners of the profile. Some accounts show the same person with multiple buys saying how good the service is. However, if you want to find out the truth about a person, the best thing to do is to choose wisely before paying.

Ways to figure out the fakes is by checking to see who purchased and reading the reviews carefully. If you see multiple listings of the same person, form the same state, than its quite clear that they have paid someone to do the work for them. Fiverr is not a solid place to get professional work. As I have found its hard to get your money back when you are not satisfied. For Amazon, I think they did the right thing by taking action and suing the individuals who were writing the fake post. Its really sad that this is what making money has made many people do. For most of the sellers on Amazon and Fiverr, they complain that if they did not have any reviews, that it would be hard to sell anything. In all it is just best to wait it out and get customers the right way instead of lying about a product or service.